This Year’s School Fair

Our school fair is a big fundraising event for our PTA, as we depend on it to raise the thousands of pounds needed each year for equipment and school improvements. We have 3 form entries, so are a big school. In fact, we are two big schools- the First and the Junior Schools are run separately but are on the same site. So, because we run school fairs and other events jointly, we should have plenty of families to pitch in and help.

That’s the theory, anyhow. In reality, we struggle to get enough volunteers to set up, man the stalls and clean up afterwards. We usually do manage to find enough people in the end, but only after the Heads have stood at the front gate and signed people up as they drop their kids off at school. read more

Exams, A School Fair And A Hamster, At Last.

Today was always going to be a busy one.

This morning, I took DD’s 1 and 2 down to Wembley for their Piano Exams. Their last practices yesterday went well, apart from a tantrum by DD1 about a wrong note in one of her pieces. But we went on and did her sight reading, then came back to the troublesome piece and managed to sort it out.

They had a quick run through this morning, then off we went in the car. I had an anxious moment when we got stuck in some horrendous traffic, but managed to find a short cut and we got there on time. read more