Sleep Deprivation Makes Me Yawn.

When you have a small baby, sleep deprivation is par for the course.

Some babies do sleep through the night when they are a couple of months old. DD1 was such a child.

Of course, I put it down to my superior parenting skills and annoyed my friends greatly by giving them unsolicited advice about how to get their children to sleep well too.

Everyone was very pleased when DD2 came along 18 months later, and despite me using all the same techniques as I’d used on DD1, refused to sleep for more than 4 hours until she was 6 months old. I have no memory of when the other two slept through from; I was too tired to notice. read more

A Friday Fright.

Last Friday should have been a pretty normal day.

The girls were in school, DS was in nursery and my plans were simply  to walk the dogs, do a bit of house work and write another 2000 words for NaNoWriMo.

I took the dogs into one of the woods we have around here, an area where mobile phone reception can be a bit ropey at times. The dogs scared the squirrels for an hour or so, I got some exercise; it was all good.

But when I got back to the car, my phone rang. It was my husband ringing from work and his opening sentence was ‘The nursery has just called and….’. This never bodes well. read more