The war against Single Socks.

We have 4 children, aged from 3 to 9.  They all have at least 14 days worth of socks each.  Our washing cycle is not complicated- basket, machine, clothes horse, drawers- so there aren’t too many places we can lose a sock and pairs should stay intact without too much effort.

So why then, when I went to find my son a pair of socks this morning, could I only find 13 odd socks in his draw? There was not a pair among them and whereas I might have been able to talk one of the girls into wearing odd socks, DS was having none of it. Finally I found one of a pair floating around under our bed, so crisis was averted-for today. I made it my mission to sort out the sock situation in our house once and for all.

I failed…miserably.

I managed to make up 3 more pairs of socks for my son, and 13 pairs of white school socks between the three  girls. Thats not a whole lot considering  the money we spent on socks at the start of last term. I found 2 pairs for myself and stopped short of pairing up DH’s but he wears black socks, so it doesn’t matter if they don’t *quite* match.

I suspect our washing cycle is not as simple as it seems. A quick inspection of bedrooms , behind sofas and inside school bags revealed that many dirty socks didn’t even make it as far the washing basket. Some leap from the basket to the utility room floor where they lie neglected, never quite making it to the washing machine and others, like the lone sock that saved the day today, crawl under our bed and hide when the dry washing is dumped on our bedroom floor before folding.

I’ve been googling for methods of keeping socks together, but have serious doubts about my family’s ability to commit to a method of pair preservation that sounds so obviously like hard work. The kids would ignore me or simply ‘forget’ and DH just wouldn’t bother.

I guess I’m just going to have to accept that this is a war I can’t win, and resign myself to performing a weekly dirty sock hunt as a token battle in this never-ending war.