Snow Day In Norway

Yesterday the view from our cabin looked like this. You can’t see our deck, but you can see the deck and roof on the building next door are relatively clear of snow.

Lauklines Kystferies before snow

This morning, it looks like this. That layer of snow wasn’t there yesterday.

Lauklines Kystferie after snow

 The weather forecast predicted 10cms of snow overnight; we haven’t been out with a ruler yet but that looks about right.


We’ve had something climb up on the decking and check out our back door during the night. We saw a family of three mink swimming across the fjord the other  day, so it could be one of these, or even an otter.

footprints in the snow

The kids are beside themselves with excitement. When it stops snowing they are going to go out sledding. The snow here isn’t great for snowballs and snowmen; it’s too fine, too glittery, but it’s great for sliding.

All 4 are currently downstairs in their PJs, a rare treat for them, and are playing on iPads while watching cartoons dubbed in Norwegian.  They like seeing how close to the English originals the voices are.

I’ve called today a snow day and we are staying put. Mainly because I’m a wimp about driving in the snow but also we’ve been driving at least 60 kms a day on the ‘wrong’ side of the road since we’ve been here. I need a rest and the kids could do with some down time from being strapped in as well.

The locals have no such qualms, I’ve spotted plenty of vehicles blatting along the single lane road seemingly without regard for the freshly laid snow. 10 cms is probably the equivalent of a spring shower for the people who live around here. I have to say winter tyres do make a huge difference to keeping your vehicle on the road. I’ve had a few slides and skids but they have been easily controlled. Okay, we have ended up in the ditch a couple of times but that was my fault and down to poor vehicular spacial awareness.

The weather is supposed to be fine this afternoon, and then possibly clear tonight, so we may even get another crack at the Northern Lights.

It’s hard to be believe that in 48 hours it’ll all be over and we’ll be heading home.