Lake Bohinj

Well, we made it to Slovenia.


We are staying in the lovely Hotel Gasperin near Lake Bohinj, which seems to be the inland equivalent of a seaside town.

We’ve taken the cable car up to a mountain top ski station for a bird’s eye view of the town and lake.  The ride down was especially exciting.


We’ve eaten far too much icecream and swum in the beautiful lake. It’s lovely and warm and is full of little fish that dart around you as you swim.

Dh hired a canoe yesterday and everyone spent a lovely couple of hours ‘messing about in boats’.


We are having a nice relaxing time before we get back on the road again.

We arrived here on Wednesday after days of pootling along motorways and though tunnels.

The kids’ game of ‘hold your breath through the tunnel’ was thwarted by a couple of seemingly never ending ones; one was 6 kms long!

We finished listening to the first Harry Potter book, read superbly by Stephen Fry, visited as few public toilets as possible and ignored our misbehaving car alarm.

That’s right, we’ve had yet another issue with our car. The car that we went through so much to take on holiday with

On Tuesday night, we stayed in Berchtesgaden and went up to take a look at Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest first thing in the morning. The kids weren’t that impressed by the idea at first but they enjoyed the bus ride followed by the cake and hot chocolate at the top.

It all went pretty smoothly and we were making good time, until we got back to the car and discovered that neither DH’s nor my key fob would open the car.

Instead we had to open it manually, which set off the alarm every time we opened a door.

We rang the RAC as we had taken out European breakdown cover, but they were going to be hours. So we rang Toyota,  who said that if we just left the alarm it would eventually stop.

So we did. We drove across Germany,  through Austria,  then into Slovenia with the car alarm going off every time we stopped the car or opened a door.

We got a lot of attention but no one called the police. Well, not that we know about. Our plan was to call out someone when we got to our accommodation in Bohinj as we are here for 4 nights.

But as soon as we pulled in to our accommodation in Slovenia near Lake Bohinj, the car decided to behave, and went back to allowing us to use the key fobs again. We’ve not had a problem since.

Perhaps our car likes Slovenia as much as we do?