Tarzan: A Review and Competition


My children think they know it all when it comes to the story of  Tarzan. There are a number of other films, TV series and spin offs of the Tarzan story out there and they have seen most of them, so they weren’t wildly enthusiastic about sitting down and watching this movie when it was sent to us for review. I think they thought it was one they had already seen!

Anyhow, we all settled down to watch it together and it is quite different from other versions.

Yes, baby Tarzan is tragically orphaned in the middle of the jungle and is bought up by apes. Yes, he grows up to be healthy, strong and remarkably civilised, for someone who was raised by gorillas. And then a pretty, young woman called Jane wanders into the jungle, crosses paths with Tarzan and of course they fall in love. It all sounds familiar so far, doesn’t it?

However, in this version of the tale, Jane is a dedicated conservationist, Tarzan’s parents died in a helicopter crash and the ‘bad guy’ is the CEO of the company founded by Tarzan’s parents. The CEO  is on the trail of a completely unique energy source and is not about to let anything ( or anybody) get in his way. It’s quite a dark tale and unlikely to appeal to younger viewers.

My middle two daughters ( 8 and 10 ) enjoyed the conservation/sci fi twist to this movie’s story line the most. My 6 yo DS  found it a bit scary in places and my 12 year old called it ‘BOR-ring’ ( but watched the entire movie anyhow).

I quite liked some of  the CG animation and the conservation theme running through the plot, but feel this is movie made with older children and tweens in mind. I would recommend that it’s worth a look if you have children who like CG animation and don’t mind a variation on otherwise familiar stories.

We were sent a disc to review and also have 2 merchandise packs, which include a Tarzan DVD, a branded t-shirt, a rucksack and a water filter, to give away.

If you’d like to win one, then please comment on this blog post. I will draw the winner at noon on the 10th September.