Our youngest is a boy and he turned 3 this week.

Like a lot of young boys, he adores Thomas and, perhaps because a little blue train makes a welcome change from Peppa Pig, the Tweenies and the Tellytubbies, I tolerate his obsession better than I did his sisters’. I think I even encourage him a little and I don’t think this is because he’s a boy, but it may be because he’s my baby.

He has Thomas duplo and wooden Thomas sets, take-along Thomas, Thomas bedding and Thomas stickers on his walls. He was given Thomas books and a Thomas bath toy for Xmas and now I’ve bought him a Thomas desk for his birthday.

My DH is a little uneasy about me indulging our son in this way. He thinks we should try and expand DS’s horizons but I just love the way that little face lights up when he sees something Thomasy. No other toy makes him as happy and besides, he’ll grow out of sooner or later… I mean, when do you ever see grown men playing with trains?