The Gallery: A Younger Me

It’s July 2000.  We are on our honeymoon and are travelling by train to Italy. Look at me, I’m so excited!

Baguette on a train
We took the Eurostar to Paris, then took a sleeper to Sienna to start our Italian adventure.

My French is pitiful, but luckily DH’s is better so he noticed a sign at the train station saying that the cleaning and catering staff were on strike. We stocked up on baguettes, water and chocolate. An American family in the compartment next to us weren’t so observant and spent the entire trip hungry and complaining about the state of the loos.

During the two weeks we were away, we travelled from Sienna, to Florence, to Rome and finally to Venice. DH took most of the photos  in those days so there are a lot of me and not so many of him. I am pulling some really stupid tourist faces. It didn’t matter because in the summer, Italy is full of tourists.

I look so young because I was. In some of these photos I’m only 29 as I turned 30 while we were in Venice. We went out for a gondolier ride for my birthday and there was a photo taken but I don’t seem to have it on my computer. Here’s one of me with a gondolier in the background instead.


I’m glad I have these photos of me.  I don’t look at them often but it’s nice to remember DH and I had a life before we had children.

My only regret is that we didn’t make more of the the time we had before kids. We  should have travelled more.


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