Birdbox Webcam Update 3

Blue tit sitting Day 10

Its Day 10 in the bird box and Mama Tit is looking a bit scruffy on the nest. I think this is mainly because she is all fluffed up to incubate her eggs; when we see her on the lilac tree the box sits in, she still looks in good shape.

I don’t think Daddy Tit has quite got the idea of this hunter/gatherer business and poor Mama often has to leave the nest to find some grub(s). This was okay when it was warm and sunny, but it’s been much cooler this last couple of days and I’m hoping the eggs don’t get too cold when she leaves. We do see the male lounging around in trees nearby, so I don’t think anything has happened to him. We just don’t see him feeding his mate very often at all.

Luckily  Mama Tit doesn’t have to go too far for food; we have a bird feeder a few feet from the box and try and keep a good supply of meal worms available.

When she’s not off the nest looking for her next meal, Mama is forever grooming herself, doing ‘nest wiggles’, moving her eggs around beneath her and changing her body position  regularly. I suppose she’s resting and preparing herself for the next few weeks where she is going to be frantically feeding up to 10 babies! Just as well birds don’t breast feed!

The eggs are still all intact and none have been pushed to the side by Mama, so we are hoping that they will start hatching early next week.

still 10 eggs

Fingers crossed that the next update will be a happy one!