The Gallery: Detail

About 6 years ago, when our youngest was only 12 weeks old, we flew everyone ( DH and I, The Nanny plus four kids, 6 and under) half way around the world to introduce our younger two to my NZ family.

What were we thinking? It was fun, but chaotic, and is not a trip we are likely to make again.

I was going through the photos the other day, and found this one of a 2 year DD3.

2 year old blonde hair
She was just so cute, with big green eyes and blonde curls. We stopped over in Hong Kong for a couple of days and we were mobbed by the locals. People took photos of her and DS all the time; it was travelling with a celebrity!

As she’s got older, her eyes have stayed the same colour but her hair is now brown and straight. She’s still pretty cute for a smart-mouthed eight year old, but there is only a slight resemblance to that chubby cheeked toddler.


girl and cat

I am face blind, so facial details mean nothing to me. Can you tell these two photos are of the same child?

If so, what details look the same?

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