Eight Is Great.

Today DS, my youngest, has turned eight.

He was born just after 6am, so he’s the only one of my kids who wakes up on their birthday the age they are going to be. The girls were all born in the early evening.

DS arrived 4 days after his EDD and was the only non induced baby I had. Ironically, my waters broke at midnight as I lay in hospital waiting to be induced. I wanted an epidural, but there wasn’t time and I had to make do with diamorphine and gas and air. The midwife didn’t believe me when I said I wanted to push and DS was born in a such a rush that she had her back turned, and DH had to catch his son. Luckily he was standing in just the right place.

newborn boy
DS weighed 10lbs 13oz, so was the second biggest of my brood. You can see he had a very noticeable stork mark on his forehead when he was born. These are also known as salmon patches and all of my babies had one. They usually fade by the time the child is fours years old, but DS’s is still visible if he is emotional or active. Most of the time it’s completely invisible.

My baby has had a few issues. He had Verbal Dyspraxia and didn’t start speaking until he was three. He’s had a lot of speech therapy and most people can now understand most of what he says.

Now his speech delay has been dealt with, and he’s getting on well academically, it seems that he has some other issues. We’ve always known he has hypermobility  and hypotonia, but it looks he is also dyspraxic as well. He is terribly accident prone and is always losing and forgetting things. One of my priorities this year is to get him assessed and access any help available for him as I know from experience that these problems only get worse.

As he’s our only boy, there is always the temptation to point to various aspects of his personality and label them ‘boy things’. We try not to do this, but he is a lot more active than his sisters. He always seems to be rolling around, bouncing, climbing and or fidgeting with something. He likes lego and star wars and minecraft. He likes to kick or throw a ball around.

DS doesn’t have an easy life, having three older sisters. He is alternatively mothered and bullied, depending on who he is in the vicinity of and what kind of mood they are in. He’s very in touch with his emotions and likes music. At school he seems to prefer the company of girls, although he does hang around with boys too. He’s bright, but doesn’t like to apply himself too seriously. Homework is a huge issue.

I look at him now and can see that he is no longer a little boy. He’s getting taller and I get glimpses of the adult he is going to be. We have only a couple of years until he reaches double figures and we’ll be thinking about secondary schools.

These years go by so quickly. Happy Birthday to You.

8 years old