The Back To School Check List

 back to school with sharpened pencils

On my FB page today, the world seems to be divided into parents with kids back at school today, and those with kids not back at school yet. We fall into the latter category; our children go back tomorrow, but I know some don’t go back until Wednesday.

Much as I’d like to swan about and do something both fun and educational with my little darlings today, there simply isn’t the time. DH and I have been laid low with this flu over pretty much the entire Christmas holidays so things are even less organised than they normally are. To prevent the first day of school being a complete disaster, I need to make sure that everything is ready to go from the moment the alarm goes off at 7am tomorrow. In an effort towards being well prepared for a change, I’m going to actually make a list.

So here is it, our Back To School check list. It’s been created to help me, but it might help you too. Please feel free to add anything I’ve missed.

1. Uniform. Make sure each child has a full week’s worth of uniform washed, cleaned, folded and put away. Make sure there are enough socks! Check everything is named, especially jumpers and cardigans.

2. Shoes. Check school shoes fit and are relatively clean. Make sure they are named.

3. PE kits. Find PE bags that are probably still buried somewhere in the utility room. Find clothes to put in them. Make sure they are named. Don’t forget plimsols and trainers.

4. Lunch Boxes. Or school dinners. Print out the school menu and force the kids to choose what they are having tomorrow. Make sure we have bits for lunch in. Find lunch boxes and make sure they don’t have the remains of last terms lunch in them. Put through washing machine or dishwasher if necessary. Make sure they are named. Buy some more little tupperware-type containers for snacky bit and pieces. Name these too. Make sure we have tin foil for sandwiches.

5. Locate left over sticky name tags. Failing that buy a new sharpie.

6. Water bottles. Find some. Buy some more if necessary. Name them.

7. Hunt around on desk for forms that need to be filled out. Write out cheques for more money. Find some envelopes to put forms and cheques in. Make sure the right envelopes go in the right bags.

8. Get kids to find school bags and clean them out. Fill out any newly discovered forms. Find another envelope. Put them in the right bags.

9. Make sure everyone has done all their homework.

10. Wash coats and make sure they are still named. Put them in hot water cupboard to dry over night.

11. Make sure we have preferred breakfast cereals in for tomorrow morning.  And clean bowls, cutlery and cups. Also check  levels of milk and ribena.

12. Have a look for hats and gloves for everyone. Not so important for tomorrow but it looks like it’s going to get really cold at the end of the week.

13. Get kids to bed early.

14. Set alarms for tomorrow morning.

That sounds pretty organised doesn’t it? Why do I feel like I have forgotten something?







4 comments on “The Back To School Check List

  1. Doing all that now! B is rummaging through his bag as I read and S is doing homework. Good point re the pe kit – am thining did I actually wash the t-shirts?

    • I’m feeling very pleased with myself as I’ve actually remembered to get the coats out of the washing machine. Clean and dry, thats a bonus!

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