The Birdbox

For my birthday last year, DH gave me a Nespresso coffee machine.  It was easy to set up and could be used out of the box. I LOVE it and use it at least once, maybe twice, a day.

He also gave me a camera nestbox. Nice idea I thought, and put it aside in the ‘to do something with later’ pile. Then it got moved to the utility room and became out of sight, so out of mind.

Earlier this year we had a handywoman come around to do a few jobs, and while she was there I asked her to put up the birdbox in one of the shrubs along our fence line. It has a cable that has to run inside somehow so it can attach to your TV or computer. This presented some problems as putting a hole in the side of our house was not an easy thing to do. But in the end our handywoman managed to get a drill bit long enough to do the job and  finally got the cable inside.

We hooked it up to the TV at first, as it doesn’t come with with the attachment for the computer, and checked on it every day or two. Nothing.

I started reading nestbox cam blogs and found out that just because you have a nest box, it doesn’t mean you’ll get a nest. You need to think about where you put the box, and we hadn’t. We started to think about moving ours, then one day we noticed there were a couple of bits of straw in the box. Maybe we wouldn’t have to move it after all?

A couple of days later, we saw a tit of some type entering the box with some moss in her beak, and from then on it’s been pretty much non stop.

Blue tit nest box

At first we thought we had great tits, but now I’m pretty sure they are blue tits.

We’ve now got the cable attached to my computer and I can take photos and get video of our nesting pair. They are very busy finishing off the nest at the moment and we expect them to start laying eggs any day.

Blue tit nestbox

Once the eggs are all laid, the mum sits while the dad brings her food- we have a bird feeder set up a few metres away from the nest box, which we will keep well stocked for the expectant couple. And all going well, 2 weeks later we should have chicks!

But that’s not all the birdie excitement in Mymumdom right now.

We also have this little fellow building a nest in our sunroom.

Robin with nest material

Well, fellowess really, as it’s the female robins that do all the nest building.

 I fear this story will not have such a happy ending as she is trying to build on a flat ledge and the nesting material keeps on falling off.

robins nest in sunroom

Our sunroom floor is forever littered with moss and straw that has plummeted from the nest. I’m not sure eggs or chicks are going to fare terribly well in that location so I’m hoping she will give up and find a more suitable location soon.

4 comments on “The Birdbox

    • You can get cameras to add to existing boxes but you have to put them in when they are empty, obviously.
      I’m just worried that it might all go wrong, the kids will be traumatised 🙁

  1. That’s really exciting! Do the animals not bother them? We get very little bird life in our garden, despite living next to woodland, thanks to the cat.

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