The Boy, He Is A-Changing

DS is now five.

A year ago, he was the sweetest, most compliant, eager-to-please child you could ever hope to  meet.  He was often the only one  who  listened to me, I could always rely on him to be first with shoes and coat on and he was always up for kisses and cuddles. This was a novelty for me as my girls all developed an attitude along with their speech and were only ever naturally helpful as small toddlers.

It turns out I should have made the most of  DS’s helpful and loving nature while it lasted.

Because it seems that my cuddle monster is no more.

Since DS started school everything has changed. DS is often the last to get up and get dressed in the morning. He spends hours on the toilet, has to be reminded to get his toothbrush multiple times and I can ask him to go and put his shoes and coat on and 10 minutes later I will find him lying on the kitchen floor with the dogs, his coats and shoes nowhere to be seen.

It seems to be getting worse. This morning I had to  actually stand over him while he reluctantly put his shoes on.

Boy putting shoes onWithout undoing the velcro first, of course…

 And then when I asked him for a kiss, I got this face.

Grumpy faced boy

Mothers of boys, be honest with me. It the beginning of the end, isn’t it?

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  1. Oh this is me too! My son was an angel, now seems to be a moody teenager at 6. It breaks my heart, I only get cuddles on his terms now or if he’s ill.

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