The Brace Position

A couple of weeks ago DD1 had two of her teeth removed.

She needed braces, but because her mouth was so full of teeth, there was no room for her canines to come down. So instead, they were emerging from the side of her gums, causing pain and making her self conscious about her smile. So she had two pre molars whipped out, with only a local. She was very brave but ever so slightly traumatised. ( I was less brave and infinitely more traumatised.)

Today, we had an appointment to have her braces fitted.  Strictly speaking, it’s a brace I suppose, as she only needed one on the top. Anyhow I took her out of school early and off to the dentist we went.

After the extractions, she was quite nervous about today’s appointment. We met another girl in the waiting room who was two months down the line and promised DD  that having braces applied didn’t hurt at all. This calmed DD down quite a lot. But as soon as we were called into the room she was tense again.

It didn’t help that the orthodontist was not the most patient lady in the world.  I told her that DD was nervous and wanted to know exactly what was going to be done to her before  it happened, but the orthodontist didn’t want to explain. In the end, after DD had freaked out about the check retractors, she  finally realised that taking it slowly was the only way forward with DD. After that it was plain sailing and DD finished in the chair, happy enough to choose light blue as the colour of her rubber bands for the next couple of months.

At the moment DD’s braces don’t involve her canines at all, as they are too far up her gums. Apparently they will eventually move down into the space made for them by the extractions and the brace will be altered to include them. This is a long-term project lasting 2-3 years. I tried to pin the orthodontist down as to what kind of result she was expecting from the treatment, but she was annoyingly vague.

Braces retained canines

For the first couple of hours after they were applied, DD seemed fine. Nothing hurt and she spent a disproportionate amount of time looking at her teeth in the mirror. Now however, things are not so good. Her mouth is now sore and she’s paranoid about breaking them by eating. She’s been told she’s not allowed to bite off anything while she’s wearing them, instead she has to cut things up into bite sized pieces and chew with her molars. And she’s worried that she will get teased at school on Monday.

On the plus side,  if her brace doesn’t cure her nail biting, nothing will.  And her sister cheered her right up by telling her she now looks like a ‘real teenager’.


6 comments on “The Brace Position

  1. They look fine, I love the colour! I hope they don’t hurt or rub too much. My DD2 had the same issue with her canines; they do move down fairly quickly after the extraction to make room for them, I was suprised. Well done to your DD xx

    • Can you, by any chance, remember how quickly your Dd’s canines moved down? Also, did she learn to eat quickly again? DD1 is eating like a snail atm!

      • I don’t think it was more than a couple of months to be honest! When Jo first had her braces all she could eat was soup and melted chocolate for at least a couple of weeks (but she did have the awful plastic palate plate and couldn’t put her teeth together at all, and had been told not to bite). Jo eats most things now, but nothing chewy or hard.

  2. I had mine on for 2.5 years in total and I think it was around 9 months or so when my canine started moving down. It wasn’t that long really. Worth it though!

  3. I had the same problem (2 teeth removed to let canines come down), but only had a plate for 12 months. (I always wanted train tracks though as with a plate you had the extra saliva issue and it was hard to play the clarinet with it!). Hopefully she’ll have a beautiful set of teeth by the end.

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