The Gallery: Dads

My children don’t know how lucky they are. They have hit the jackpot with their Dad.

Happy Birthday Daddy

He’s very hands on but he’s not afraid to be silly and play with them.

Bouncy Stonehenge

He takes them on amazing adventures to far away places.

Looking for Deadvlei, Namibia

He’s kind and caring and is always there for them if they are tired,

Tired boy

or need somewhere to sit.

Daddy sofa

He is very brave. He isn’t scared of big cats.
Daddy vs the Cheetah
And protects them from pelicans. (yes, that is birdsh*t on his trousers)

Scary Pelican

He lets them play in water, even when inappropriately dressed,

wave jumping swakopmund

But makes sure they put dry shoes and socks on again afterwards.

shoe and sock police

He helps them with their maths and listens to their reading. This can be very tiring.

sleeping puppy, tired dad

He’s chief hand-holder,

across the cattle grid

head stone inspector,

pine cone inspecter

and gives me a run for my money in the photography stakes.

frozen beach, Norway

¬†Our children don’t know how special he is. All they know is that he’s their Daddy, and they love him.

day of the dassie

And in the end, that’s the main thing, isn’t it?

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