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Big Bottle Ribena

My children love Ribena. It’s not particularly good for them of course, so I tend to water it down a lot and we have a rule that they can only have it with meals. They still manage to go through an enormous bottle of it every week though.

And the reason they go through so much of it is that they seem to forever be spilling the stuff.

Seriously, sometimes I think I must have the clumsiest children in the world. Practically every morning I make them a cup each, leave the room to do something more exciting than watch my offspring chuff down their cereal and when I come back, I find this.

spilt ribena on table

Ribena goes horribly sticky when it’s allowed to dry out on the table or floor, so my major concern is that it’s cleaned up as soon as possible. It drives me nuts when the kids just leave it spilt like this. The older two are easily capable of cleaning up their messes themselves; I always leave plenty of wet wipes and paper towel by the table in case of accidents. And if they need a hand I’d much rather help clean up freshly spilt juice than have to scrub at it by myself later, once it has dried out and stuck on.

What really annoys me is the way that no one ever owns up to spilling it. When I ask who is responsible for the mess I am faced with a reasonable impression of a multi directional signpost, with everyone blaming someone else. So not only have I raised a brood of children who are incapable of drinking from a standard open topped drinking vessel, but they are all liars as well. I’m forever ranting and raving about  responsibility and trust, because we all know how much kids love to be on the receiving end of this kind of lecture.

It’s moments like this that make me wonder where I am going wrong.

So this morning, when the kids had finished breakfast and were getting ready for school, and I headed into the kitchen to make a start on the dishwasher, I wasn’t surprised to see a tipped over cup and a puddle of Ribena on the kitchen table.

What did surprise me was the fact that there was also something else on the table.  Half a dog. That’s right, the ‘Puppy’ had his front feet up on the table and his tongue shoved inside the cup while busily lapping up blackcurrant juice when I walked in.

dog and spilt ribena

He got off the table pretty quickly when he saw me so I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of him in the act, but snapped this when he came back for another look.

I’m now guessing that I don’t have the clumsiest children in the world, and they are not all liars after all. I’ve had to explain what I saw this morning and apologise to them for all the ranting and raving about spilt juice over the last month.

We have now decided that they should put their drinks back up on the higher kitchen bench after a meal has finished to stop the dog from drinking from their cups. Eurgh!

So hopefully we’ll have a lot less yelling in the morning and everyone will be happier.

Everyone that is, except the Puppy, who will just have to find some other mischief to get into.

puppy in trouble

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  1. They get better, in the clumsy department but then they reach the teens and nothing seems to work properly again any more!


  2. Cute! Reminds me of the story of when DH had just had his barmitzvah – they left the leftover cake on the table – they had a dog. You can guess what happened!!!

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