The Gallery: Green

This week I spent ages looking through my photos for something I could use for this theme.

The problem wasn’t that I didn’t have anything. The problem was that I had too many green photos, but I had used so many of them before.

Our garden, green eyes, trees,  our veggie garden, leaves, the northern lights- green is all around our family it seems.

But then I caught sight of something green that I have never blogged about. Something we have used and abused every day for almost 6 years.

Our  green sofas.

2 bums on sofa

We have what are supposed to be two and three seater sofas, but when the bums were small, the kids could squish up to 4 or 5 on them when they needed to.

4 bums on the sofa

Well, they used to be able to.

4 bigger bums

The thing about bums, is that they grow with the children.

Red nose day sofa

 These days there is a fair bit of sitting on backs and arms of our sofas.

Not much room on sofa

We’ve had our green sofas for almost 6 years now. They came second hand, but in good condition, from someone who had bought some new ones.

During that time, they have been slept on, eaten on, drawn on, painted on, had teeth brushed on and have been jumped on. A lot.

sofa jumping

They have had all the cushions pulled off and been used as a battle ground.

sofa battleground

And the dogs use them as beds, when there is room.

dog on boy on sofa

 Our poor sofas are coming to the end of their lives now. They are a bit saggy and baggy and will have to be replaced in the next year or so.

I don’t know what the shelf live of your average sofa is these days, but I’m willing to bet these ones have lasted well considering what we’ve subjected them to.  And strangely enough, green has been a good colour for us.

Maybe we’ll buy a green one next time as well.

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  1. oh i love your inclusion of yur much loved and memory laden green sofa! it features a lot on your everyday life and will be misssed when the day comes that you replace it i am sure x

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