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This week’s topic is a tricky one. I don’t have one source of inspiration; I have three!

I have a friend who immediately came to mind for this theme. She deals with her son’s significant special needs on a day to day basis, largely without complaint.  I’d be lying if I said I’ve never heard her say she’s tired, or finding things difficult, but she never whinges or whines about her situation as such. She positively delights in her son and works with him, so that he can achieve his potential. She also works hard to ensure that the rest of her family is not over shadowed by her son’s needs, and  she works part time as well. She inspires me to be more patient and accepting of my own children. I have a photo of her that I took myself but I know she would be embarrassed if I used it, so I’ll just have to hope she reads this and knows I’m proud to be her friend.

I have another friend who is going through such a tough time at the moment. Through no fault of her own, her marriage is breaking down. It’s a real ‘there but for the grace of god…’ situation. She’s done everything humanely possible to give her husband second, third and more chances to work with her on it, but he can’t/ won’t. She’s sad and worried and lonely. She lives too far from me for me to be much helpl, but her dignity and determination is inspiring. I just know that once the dust has settled, she will be happy again sometime. I don’t have a photo of her but again, I hope she reads this and knows what an amazing person she is.

And my third inspirational woman friend is my rock. She doesn’t have an easy life and sometimes she whinges like a little girl about it, but I often reciprocate in kind. We don’t always agree, but we respect each others opinions and we support each other more than we fight. She is clever,  funny and very kind. Her kindness is her biggest fault I think; sometimes she is treated very badly by people she has helped in the past, and she is much more tolerant about it than I would be. She inspires me to play time wasting games on Facebook and ignore the housework. I do have a photo of her but won’t embarrass her by using it. I know she will read this though and will recognise herself immediately. Then she will ask me why I didn’t put her higher up the list!

So if I can’t show you photographs of my three inspirational friends, then who can I show you a photo of?

Sunshine at Somerset House
My three girls, of course. They are only young at the moment, and womanhood is just peeking over their horizons. But here they are in all their glory- inappropriately dressed but having fun all the same. Their playfulness and fresh thinking inspires me constantly.

And if they grow up to become half  the women that my three friends mentioned above have, I’ll consider my parenting a job well done.

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12 comments on “The Gallery: Inspirational Women

  1. Why does someone have to have lived to be inspirational. I often find my daughter a deeply inspirational person as she gazes on the world with a clarity that often age obscures


    • Oh I agree my kids are inspirational. It’s calling them ‘women’ that i’m not so comfortable with. I’ll have to have a think about why that is.

  2. Loved reading this so much. I particularly love the way you connect your inspiring friends with the hopes you have for your daughters futures. I also have three daughters and they inspire to be a better person every day. I couldn’t think what to write for this theme, but thanks to you I’ve thought of a few ideas. So thank you for inspiring me too!

  3. Beautiful post your friends sound like great women and with those kinds of women in their lives (yourself included) I’m sure your daughters will turn out great. Beautiful photo x

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