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I’ve had a Kindle in some form or another for three years now. They have revolutionised reading for me and although I always used to have a couple of books on the go, hidden in various places around the house, since getting a Kindle I’ve read more than ever before.  I don’t have to worry about overladen bookshelves or finding space for new reading materias any longer. I read mainly on a Kindle now and if I read a ‘real’ book I have to remind myself  how to turn the pages!

My first Kindle was one of the bigger ones with a keyboard at the bottom. There was a button on either side to turn the pages and Amazon did a nifty cover with an inbuilt light that was powered from the device itself. I liked it a lot but it was soon handed down to DD1 and replaced by another model that was just the same, but could supposedly download books from anywhere in the world, not just when you had WiFi. The 3G didn’t work very well and when it did the download was very slow, so I stuck to just topping up with books when I was at home.
Six month later the Kindle Touch came out and DH bought me one of those for my birthday. A ebook reader with a touch screen sounds pretty impressive and it worked well 90% of the time. It was smaller than my first Kindle as it didn’t have a built in keyboard. There were some niggles with this model; sometimes I found myself going in the wrong direction page-turning wise, I never worked out how to reliably access the list of books I had on my Kindle and there wasn’t a great cover with an inbuilt light available for it. The best I found was one with a light slung off the back; it charged separately to the Kindle and stuck out enough that you couldn’t lie your Kindle flat. I think I preferred the old model with the buttons.

Both my older DD’s now had a Kindle each, but DD2 managed to break hers while on holiday. When we got home, I contacted Amazon and arranged a replacement. We were offered a Touch, but DD didn’t want one, so ‘my’ 4th Kindle had no built in keyboard but still had forward/back switches on the side of it.

So everyone was happy with their Kindles, including me. Then Christmas came along and DH gave me a New Kindle.

A new Kindle. This would be my 5th! I really wasn’t sure I needed it but I was wrong.

Kindle paperwhite

This is a Kindle Paperwhite and it’s lovely.

The screen glows at an intensity of your choosing, so you can read anywhere, no matter what the light is like. It’s brilliant for reading at night in bed as DH always found the light on my Kindle Touch cover disturbed him. I know some people say they found the old Kindles strained their eyes and wonder if they would find the Paperwhite easier to read from.

The Paperwhite is about the same size as the other keyboardless Kindles but has an easy to access touch menu that pops up across the top. I haven’t struggled to find anything I’ve been looking for. I also love the covers that you can get for it. They fit perfectly with no sticky out bits and when you open it the device wakes up. I presume that closing it sends it to sleep but it’s hard to check of course!

All in all, my new Kindle is everything I didn’t know I needed in an ebook reader.  If you’ve been wondering if you should upgrade to one, the answer is yes, you probably should!

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And no this isn’t a sponsored post. I really do love my new Kindle enough to want to devote a Gallery Post to it!


15 comments on “The Gallery: New

  1. I have one too, and a lovely case from the company KleverCase… Which looks like a leather bound book.
    Unlike you, it’s the first kindle I have ever bought. Indeed the first kindle any of the family have had. (I never liked the previous versions when having a play in PC World or wherever.)
    I am seriously considering buying a second paper white for Dd1 now.

  2. I had a paperwhite for Christmas too. My first Kindle and I’m a convert (apart from the price of the popular author’s books – will still have to buy print books for those)

    • It’s insane isn’t it? Remember one doesn’t work, and the girls have the others. Even my reluctant reader likes to read on the kindle!

  3. I’m still on the ‘first’ kindle, which I’ve had for 18months now. I may hint for the paperwhite for my next bday and pass the old-style kindle down to DD then as I find the keyboard pretty redundant. DD loves reading on the kindle, but she’s a voracious reader anyway and doesn’t need encouragement to put her nose in a book, paper or electronic!

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