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We are on holiday as I write this.

Taking over the sunloungers

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been tripping across Europe, stopping here and there on the way to our ultimate destination, Montenegro.

Because we have driven from the UK, we’ve had to have a number of  one night stops. These are always tiresome: drag all the luggage to the car, unpack everything you need for the night, sort out who is sleeping where and with whom, find somewhere to feed kids, wash the kids, get everyone to sleep, wake up relatively early, get everyone dressed, pack up everything and reload the car.

This is not relaxing, especially for the kids.  So we do try and stop for 2 or more nights in a place for at least as many days as we spend staying for one night. Doing this ensures we have some down time, as well as time on the road.

So far this trip, we’ve had stopovers at Lake Bohinj in Slovenia for 4 nights,

Swimming in Lake Bohinj

3 nights near Plitvice in Croatia,

Boardwalk over clear water

3 nights in Mostar in Bosnia,

mostar bridge, bosnia

And now we are in Perast, Montenegro for 7 nights.

Perast, Montenegro

It is lovely here, semi-unspoilt and pretty quiet for peak season. But there are no sandy beaches so all the swimming is done from terraces. We thought the kids might not enjoy swimming from these as much as they enjoyed the Lake in Bohinj or the river in Plitvice, but they have loved jumping and fishing from the concrete platforms.

mostar bridge, bosnia

And once they are out on the water, they have enjoyed riding the waves created by passing boats while clinging together on their floaties.

Lilo Flotilla

We only have a couple of nights left here, and after that we we start travelling back up the continent, heading homeward.

We have a couple more multi-night stays to look forward to on our way back,  so we will have to make the most of our opportunities to relax as our last few nights in Europe consist of 4 single night stops, one after the other, before we can drive through the Eurotunnel, blast around the M25 then finally collapse through the door of Home, Sweet Home.

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