The Gallery: Selfie


My hair is still wet from my shower but I’m dressed and ready for the day ahead.

I look tired. I am tired because I stayed up too late watching a stupid action movie. Tonight DH will be out late ‘with work’ so I’ve promised myself an early night.

There are only two kids dressed and breakfasted,  ready for school,  on the sofa behind me.

This because DD1 leaves for school at 7:15 these days. I miss my big girl.

And DD2 refused to get out of bed at 7am today, then had a tantrum because she had no trousers for school. We negotiated her wearing a skirt instead and she promised she would be up and dressed by the time we left for school if she was allowed to stay in bed until 8.

This is my ‘I’m really not sure how this is going to work out but it’s too early in the morning to argue ‘ face.

Happily, everything worked out in the end and everyone got to school fully dressed and in time.

Job done; now for a cup of tea.

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8 comments on “The Gallery: Selfie

  1. Well done on having time to take a photo, I’d be the blur doing the million things I’d forgot and I only have 2! Love the honesty of your posts xx

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