The Gallery: The Letter C

Dog chase

C is for Chase, Competition and Celsius.

Chase is our dogs’ favourite game-  The Lurcher runs and The Puppy chases. It’s not much of a game otherwise as, although The Puppy is getting faster all the time, The Lurcher is always going to be the fastest of the two. Greyhound/ saluki versus german shepherd/collie/ St Bernard- it’s never going to be much of a competition when it come to speed.

But as The Puppy grows, it’s becoming obvious that he’s going to be at least as tall as The Lurcher, but much bigger and probably stronger. We may have to have a rethink about who is going to be ‘top dog’.

This photo was taken last Tuesday, 9 days ago. Neither of our dogs will go anywhere near water if it’s freezing but last week they were both happy to  run through this little stream. That’s because it was a lovely sunny day, around 18 degrees Celsius.

Everyone got so excited didn’t they? Surely spring had to be *just* around the corner…

This week’s Gallery was bought to you by the letter ‘C’. To see what other people have come up with, pop over to the linky at Sticky Fingers.

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