The Gallery: The Weekend

Ahh, the weekend.

That oasis of serenity between the chaotic weekdays of life with school age children.

A chance to have a lie in, to relax with your family or to get outside in the garden or park; if the weather allows.

Well, this bank holiday just gone, the weather did allow. It’s the children that made it more difficult.

Saturday was business as usual, as we had tutoring and a party to run kids around too and from, but we cleared the diary for Sunday and Monday intending to laze around.

DH’s idea of lazing around involves staying in bed for half the day, then relocating to the sofa for the other half. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but I’m more a gotta-make-the-most-of-the-day type so some compromise is necessary. I like to make sure everyone gets out of the house for at least an hour every day as the kids go a bit stir crazy if we don’t.

On Sunday we attempted an outing to our local farmer’s market,  forgetting it finished at 2pm, not 3pm as the market later in the month does. The kids were not impressed when they had to watch the inflatable obstacle course deflate rather than be allowed to go and play on it, and then weren’t allowed into the petting zoo because it had closed. We did manage to get a sausage sarnie for lunch but as far as a family day out goes, it wasn’t a success.

So on Monday, when we decided to attend a local church fair, we got there in plenty of time for everyone to have good time. The weather was  good and we saw lots of people we knew; there was a fire engine, a Punch and Judy show, plenty of games, a BBQ, a bouncy castle , a plant sale and of course, face painting.

Our eldest too are now officially too old for such childish pursuits, and DD was discouraged by the long line but DS hung in there and finally made it to the painting chair.

And that’s how we took 3 girls and a small boy to the local May fete, but came home with three girls and a tiger instead.

toothless tiger


This week’s Gallery theme is The Weekend. If you’d like to see what everyone got up to, pop on over to Sticky Fingers and enjoy the (mostly) sunshine.

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