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Ruislip Lido

Holidays can be hard work can’t they?

Trying to balance the ‘at home’ days with the days out. Trying to make time for fun and games but also for home work and music practice. Trying to do something that appeals to all ages.

 Sometimes things work out well, other times everything goes a bit pear shaped, no matter how much effort I put into the planning. But I keep on trying.

Because I do think it is important for families to do stuff together during the holidays.

My eldest is 11 and off to secondary school in September. I’m acutely aware that this is probably one of the last Easter holidays that she’s going to want to spend with her family. Next Easter she’ll probably prefer to go off with her friends than go anywhere with her annoying younger siblings and highly embarrassing mother.

And that’s fine. It’s the way things should be. After all we can’t keep our kids with us forever, can we? They are only truly ours for a very short time.

But my knowing this won’t stop me sighing as I gaze at photos of these Easter holidays, and reminisce about a time when all my babies were happy to be together. Happy to have photos taken while eating ice cream by the water, with the sun in their eyes and the wind in their hair.

Ruislip Lido by the water

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  1. *sniff* I’ve been rubbish these holidays… I need to get out with them on Friday – this post has totally inspired me. My middle one goes off to secondary in Sept too and you’re right, she won’t want to spend all her time with us soon. I’m on a mission to get out and do stuff on Friday! Thank you xx

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