The Gallery: World Photography Day

Monday just gone was World Photography Day and for this week’s Gallery we were challenged to take a photo of something that we were doing that day.

In our case, we were driving from Dubrovnik to Split, in Croatia.

Most people take the main motorway, along the coast, but due to a mix up we found ourselves without car insurance for the 15 miles it takes to cross from Croatia to Bosnia and back into Croatia again. Investigation in Dubrovnik suggested that is wasn’t going to be easy to get any; they didn’t sell it at that border and our normal UK insurance didn’t cover us.

We considered driving without insurance, as it seemed they didn’t check whether you had it before you went through the border, but we worried we might have an accident or get stopped by the police, and in the end we decided to take an alternative route out onto a peninsula that effectively overshoots the troublesome bit of Bosnia. The road was just a little winding┬áB road, but was fine and eventually got us to Trpanj, where we caught a car ferry to the port of Ploce then carried on up the coast without ever leaving Croatia. Our insurance remained valid the whole time.

While queuing up for the ferry with a lot of locals, Italians and Germans (we were the only GB car on board) I took this photo of a beautiful rocky outcrop topped with a statue of the Madonna.

The water was so smooth, it looked like the rocks were floating, suspended between sea and sky.

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  1. Don’t know what happened there! Was going to say I live that photo and it is very contrasting considering the troubles those areas have suffered in recent times.

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