The Gallery: World Photography Day.

Today’s theme is World Photography Day over at The Gallery.

We are on holiday in France at the moment, high up in the mountains in a resort called Belle Plagne and I could post some stunning photos of the views up here. But I’ve been blogging every day of our holiday and anyone reading regularly will be sick to death of photos featuring mountains, blue skies and stunning vistas.

So instead I’m going to show you our girls playing a game they  invented especially for the walk down from the bubble lift to the hotel. The road runs right underneath the cables and as each lift passes overhead they enjoy trying to leap over its shadow.

This is how I want to remember the kids on holiday; full of fun, energetic and inventive, even when we’ve just dragged them up and down the mountain on one of the hottest days the resort has known.

And DS? He’s content to sit in the shade and watch his sisters leap around like nutters. As long as he has his shades and a cool drink, he’s happy.

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9 comments on “The Gallery: World Photography Day.

  1. Looks like a lot of fun playing that game! Oh to have that energy 🙂 great photos to treasure and look back on fondly, and ideal for the theme this week xx
    Ps. Looks like a fabulous holiday

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