The New Phone

I’ve had my current phone, an HTC Desire, for two years now and to be quite honest, I’ve had enough of it. It’s slow, the battery life is rubbish ( 3-5 hours if I’m lucky) and it doesn’t help that Orange reception around our house is terrible. I basically don’t get any reception at home; as soon as I leave the street I often discover  I have voice messages and texts than haven’t come through. I also found the screen a bit small for me and it was impossible to see it in sunlight.

My phone before this one was an HTC too. This meant there was very little difference between them, and when I upgraded to a new phone I was immediately able to find my way around it. However, this time around it was time for a change. I had decided this months before my upgrade was due, as I’d had a little play with Other People’s Phones  and now realised there was life beyond HTC. Goodbye brand loyalty.

I use my phone for calls, texts, taking photos, checking emails and accessing the odd website (like facebook) while out and about. My wish list for my new phone was 1/ a longer lasting battery, 2/a bigger, better screen and 3/ better coverage and faster internet.

I had done a little research online but couldn’t check out offers on the Orange website as for some obscure reason it doesn’t work on my desktop. So when I rang Orange, what I wanted was a run down of all their phones. First of all they tried to sell me an iPhone. Once I said I preferred Android, they concentrated on getting me to replace my HTC. When they finally realised I wanted something different they moved on to trying to sell me a Samsung phone.

I really like Samsung products; my beloved Nexus tablet was made by them, so it didn’t take much for me to fall for Orange’s sales pitch. In the end I chose a Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE, mainly because of the large screen. Here it is compared to my DH’s iPhone and my old HTC Desire.

Htc desire next to Samsung Galaxy Note II and iPhone

It arrived on Tuesday and I excitedly tore open the packet and bunged the battery and sim card in. Just for the record, you have to slide the mini simcard in BEFORE you put the battery in. It took me at least 20 minutes to  figure this out.

What I didn’t realise was, that within 30 minutes of my new phone being turned on, the service for my old phone switched over automatically. Before I had a chance to backup my contacts to Orange. And the new phone takes  a different sized sim card to my old phone, so I’m having fun transferring everything over manually.

The other thing that stumped me was locating the Menu and Back buttons. They are actually below the screen and only show up on my titanium phone when the area is touched.

location of menu and back buttons  on Galaxy Note II

Again, it took me about half an hour to find these buttons and I had to resort to Youtube to do it.

So far, I like the phone a lot. It’s fast in a good service area, not too different from my HTCs, the big screen is lovely and I like the S pen, although I need to sit down and go through everything it can do. Right now I use it as little more than a glorified stylus. Oh and the battery life is fabulous. I only need to charge it every 2-3 days which is a HUGE improvement on my HTC.

What I don’t like is Orange’s coverage around here. It’s still crappy. I have rung Orange and finally got through to them on their premium rate number. The call centre I got was useless, called me by my last name and took 5 tries to get my postcode right, but eventually put me through to technical support. If you need to contact Orange about anything to do with your phone, my advice would be to just ask to go through to technical support straight away. Anyhow, it turns out that my coverage problem is down to masts. There are no orange masts nearby but there are three others that we should be able to piggyback on.  But all three of them are out of service at the moment.

So the problem is fixable, but the lady I spoke to couldn’t say when. So what do I do?

I could send the phone back, leave Orange and try and find someone with better coverage. But can I be bothered? Probably not.

I have a phone that has a great battery life and a fantastic screen. It’s a pity about the bad reception around my area but I guess two out of three isn’t bad…

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