The Rest Of The Holiday: Split

I know this is a long overdue post, but two days after we got home, I came down with cellulitis and  today, 4 days later, I still feel barely able to type a coherent sentence…

So we are safely home and for the last 5 night we have been able to sleep in our own beds. It was my pillow that I missed the most I think.

We left Dubrovnik after three nights there, and headed north for Split. Because of an oversight when buying car insurance on the way down into Bosnia, we ended up taking a bit of a detour that involved a car ferry, rather than using the usual coastal road that zips across Bosnia.

From there we headed to Split for 2 nights, then started driving home, stopping for a night at a time in Zagreb ( Croatia), Salzburg( Austria), Triesenberg (Liechtenstein) and finally, our old standby, Reims( France). On our way back we also drove through Slovenia and Switzerland. Our children are now quite familiar with the geography of these parts of Europe.


Split is one of the popular seaside towns of Croatia, and is built around the ancient Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian, and its bay and port.

Split bell tower

We really liked Split and found it less Touristy than Dubrovnik. There are plenty of tourists, of course, but they seem to be less concentrated; maybe there are more local visitors as we certainly didn’t hear as much English spoken in the crowds.

The ‘Old City’ is much smaller and there is also a ‘Not So Old’ area to wander around as well. We really liked the way the Old and New exist right next door to each other. Split hasn’t tried to renovate everything and there are bits of Old Split propped up by newer buildings built right alongside then. Every corner you turn presents you with something different.

old next to new in Split

There were some cheesy Roman Soldier reenactments, performed in Croatian, but we got the idea. It was quite a sight to see them marching in and out of the ancient ruins though.

roman soldiers in Split

We enjoyed exploring both the old and new towns, eating delicious sandwiches, mimicking statues and even spent a quarter of an hour looking at an exhibition of stuffed frogs frozen in various human poses.

What I didn’t like was the slippery smooth and uneven cobblestones. I managed to fall over a couple of times; once I took a small child down with me. Only my pride was hurt.

And at least there were plenty of bits of  fallen masonry to sit on when that happened.

Sitting in Split

And as in many places we visited in the Balkans, there was plenty of ice cream to sample.

Croatian icecream

We stayed in a couple of  rooms owned by Apartments Gajeta, which were clean and centrally located, but involved quite a trek with our luggage through the town.  We had an apartment for four ( with washing machine-hurray!) and one for two, but while they were close, they weren’t in the same building. DH shared with DD2 and I had the others. The first night I shared the sofa bed with DS but it so uncomfortable that I made the girls sleep there the following night; they weren’t impressed either. Both apartments had air conditioning, fridges, WiFi and dishwashers but both were on the second floor of some rather steep stairs. My knee didn’t like them very much at all, so these apartments would not be suitable for anyone who had major difficulties with stairs.

We only got to spend a couple of nights in Split but would like to spend longer and visit some of the offshore islands, as well as spend more time downtown.



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