The Search For A End Of Year Teacher’s Present.

Up until the end of last week, I was still mulling over what to do about end of year teacher’s presents. The kids wanted to repeat last year’s effort  of a rainbow sweeties jar, whereas I wanted to make up a ‘useful jar- a jar filled with things like pens, pencils, gold stars and paracetamol; things that teachers might find useful during the year. But both these ideas require quite  lot of effort that may, or may not, be appreciated by the recipient in the end.

Then someone posted a much easier idea on a forum I lurk on, so I decided to steal that instead.

I have got our teachers ( all 4 of them) a personalised notebook from each.

teacher notebook

Notebook are the THE perfect teacher’s present, I’ve been told by more than one friend in the profession. They are non offensive, useful, and take up little space. And  I’ve been reliably informed that they can be made even more perfect by the addition of a nice pen.

You can create your own notebook from scratch  at, by adding both your own photos and text, but we decided to stick with simple words saying ‘Mrs Smith’s  Notebook’. The kids did initially want to put photos on the notebooks they chose, but this would have involved me stalking the said teachers to get the required photos and I felt this was going a little overboard.

The kids spent yesterday afternoon pouring over the options to find the perfect cover for their teachers and we ended up with 3 from the teacher’s section and one from the teenager’s section. To be fair, the teacher destined to end up with the ‘teen’ notebook doesn’t look much older than a teenager herself!

They weren’t expensive, £7.99 per notebook, plus a delivery charge. But because I was a new customer, and I typed my friend’s account number in the discount box, I got 50% off the entire order which made it an extremely good deal.

If you’d like 50% off your order, feel free to use my account number: 52866198. I do get £3 of credit on my account for everyone who gives my account number as well, so it’s a win win situation.

And don’t just do notebooks, they do many other personalised gifts as well.

Now, if anyone can suggest a nice pen to go with the notebooks, I’d be very grateful.


5 comments on “The Search For A End Of Year Teacher’s Present.

  1. That’s a great idea. I usually do a veg box from the allotment (though not sure there’ll be enough this year!) If you have a Tiger near you they do these jumbo sized pencils which would make a great companion for the notebook.

    • We do have a Tiger near us, so I will go and look in there. A box of veggies sounds like a fabulous idea though.

  2. i think i’m going to get a set of personalised HB pencils for each teacher to go with their notebook – useful to have your name stamped on something – stops the whole ‘but that was MY pencil’ thing…

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