The Unlucky Dolphin Cruise and Thunderstorms.

Last night we went on the ‘Lucky Dolphin Sunset Cruise’.

It wasn’t very lucky because we didn’t see as much as a dolphins fin. We saw some flying fish, which are actually pretty cool, and a few sea birds but no dolphins.

The girls all slept for at least an hour of the cruise but DS was very active, and I spent a lot of time trying to stop him from climbing over the edge. It was a purpose-built boat so luckily the edges were mostly quite high.

We got a few definite ‘why the hell would you bring kids to the Maldives’ vibes on boarding, but there was an upstairs deck, and we stayed downstairs so didn’t have to put  up with prolonged dirty looks.

This is supposedly one of the best resorts to bring kids to, so I am not in the least apologetic about it. There are plenty of other No Children resorts, so if a child-free holiday is that important, I figure people should book elsewhere.

One the way back on the Dolphin(less) Cruise we were offered sushi and champagne to soften the blow. The kids got orange juice but DDs1 and 2 tried, and liked the sushi.

On the way back I got chatting to the bloke running the cruise, his name was Sunday and he was from Kenya. He suggested we hire the boat and go out early as the dolphins were more active at this time, so we booked it for the next morning.

However, the weather had other ideas and at 3am there was a thunder-clap that seemed to be situated directly over our hut. DD1 erupted from the side bed she was sleeping in and dove under the covers beside me, and DS woke up and howled ‘Bang, bang’ each time it thundered. We had a rough couple of hours where no one got any sleep.

And even over the aircon, we could hear the rain coming down in buckets, so it was no surprise when we got the call at 7am, saying the cruise was off due to bad weather. Of course, as soon as this was confirmed, the skies cleared, the wind dropped and the sun came out. Pah!

So, it seems there will be no dolphins this trip, but on the upside, it gives us the perfect excuse to come back again.



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