Things That Have Annoyed Me This Morning

1/ Jack Frost. We’ve had our first frost this morning and in 30 minutes I’m going to have go out there in it, while dragging four tired kids to school. I don’t mind the cold if I’m well protected but I don’t have a warm coat yet and I can’t find my gloves.

2/ That Esso radio advertisement. If I hear that stupid woman talking about how their fuel works at a ‘molecular level’ one more time, I think I’m going to scream. Needless to say I do NOT buy my fuel from Esso!

3/ Fireworks. I get that they are fun and pretty and a bit dangerous, and add a bit of excitement to people’s lives. But they cost pounds and last only seconds; you don’t get much bang for your buck.  And I’m sure they have got louder. And later. I know last night was technically bonfire night  but anyone who thinks letting off a 5 minute volley of sky rockets at 10:30 pm on a school night is a neighborly gesture is just begging to have a month’s worth of dog poo dumped on their lawn.

4/ Tired children. Because of the fireworks last night. Refusing to get out of bed this morning and howling like banshees all through dressing, breakfast and lunch making. I can’t wait to drop them off at school, except it means I have to face the cold.

5/ Headaches. I have one. Because of the  tired, howling children. Because of the fireworks.

ETA: 1 hour after I started writing this post, I’m sitting drinking coffee in a warm, child free house after a rather bracing frosty school run. I’ve taken an ibuprofen and my headache is fading.

There is hope for the day yet.

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