This Time Tomorrow…

Hurrah! It’s half term and that means no school for a week.

And for us this means our first holiday of the year. We are going to Arctic Norway and have to leave the house at 4 am tomorrow. This time tomorrow we will be sitting in a fisherman’s cabin on the shore of a fjord  in the middle of nowhere.

We were hoping we might get lucky and see the Northern Lights, aka  the Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights are caused by charged particles  being ejected from the sun. When these particles reach the earth, they collide with gas atoms in the earth’s atmosphere causing them to energise and resulting in what can be a spectacular multi-coloured light show.

To have the best chance of seeing this mysterious phenomenon , you have to travel North ( funnily enough) into the Northern Lights Oval  during the Northern hemisphere’s winter, from late September to March.  If you look for the Lights in this region, during these months, between the hours of 6pm and 1am, you have an 80% of chance of seeing them in a clear night sky.

And there’s the problem. The Northern Lights, like a lot of things in life, is weather dependent. They occur high up in the earths atmosphere, so if you have clouds, you have no chance of seeing them.

And guess what the weather forecast is like for Tromso while we are up there next week? That’s right, the forecast is for cloud.

At least it’ll be a change of scenery and I’m sure we’ll manage to have an adventure or two anyhow. And we can always go back and try again.

But imagine how amazing it would be if we did manage to see this over half term.

northern lights




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