Watch the Birdie Update 2

After spending more and more time in the nest box during the last few days, it seems Mama Tit is finally sitting.

Blue Tit sitting on nest

This photo was taken about 10 past 8 this morning and she was still in the box. Normally she’s nowhere to be seen at this time of the day.

She does leave the nest for short periods, perhaps to get food, but her mate appears now and again with a beakful of something for her. I can tell when he’s around because she starts to make a very small tweeting sound to welcome him. When I hear this, I switch the camera on and start recording, but I haven’t managed to get any good footage of this yet.

It must be kind of boring sitting on a nest. Mama Tit sits still for a while, then puts her head under her and rearranges her eggs. Then she gets up, moves some bits of straw around, then resettles at a slightly different angle to before. Then she fluffs up again and sits still again. It’s all about maintaining a constant temperature; she gets off the eggs when they get too hot, and back on the nest when they cool down again.

Blue Tit eggs are supposed to take a couple of weeks to hatch, so we’ll start getting very excited again in about 14 days time.

Oh, and how many chicks are we expecting? There is no guarantee that they will all hatch, but here is a photo of the eggs, taken about half an hour ago. Blue Tits don’t usually lay again after they start sitting, so there probably won’t be any more.

Blue tit eggs

How many eggs can you count?

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