We Are Off To See Santa.

If you are reading this at any time of the morning of the 20th December, 2011, we will be on our way to see Santa.

But not just any department-store Santa, no no no! We are going to see the Real Santa and will travel 1500 miles for the privilege of doing so.

That’s right, we are taking the kids to Lapland.

We are heading to North Finland with Esprit ; we’ve spent our summer holidays with them for the last 3 years and figured they were a fairly good bet for looking after us while we visit the Big Man himself.

I haven’t really mentioned it on my blog until now, as we didn’t tell the kids until the morning before we left. They were pretty thrilled, once they had got over the disappointment of not going to Disneyland, and DD1 was indignant that we’d kept it a secret from her at all.

Part of the reason we’d kept it quiet was that our two older girls, aged 8 and 10, still appear to believe in Father Christmas, and we didn’t want anyone at school telling them otherwise. Our school is also very multicultural and a number of families just don’t do Christmas. Of course, these children ask their parents why Santa doesn’t bring them any presents, and so there is always a slight divide between the believers and the non-believers.

I don’t think we have got much longer with DD1 believing and even DD2 is super-suspicious these days. This year was really our last chance to go as an entire family. Even if she doesn’t believe, DD1 will still do her best to play along for the sake of the younger kids; next year, I fear she may not be so co operative.

It’s only going to be a short trip, but there has been so much to do; housesitters to organise, gear to buy, clothes to pack, gadgets to charge, passports to remember. The days beforehand have been truly hectic.

So think of us, getting up at 4am to get an 8am flight, winging our way  North on a charter flight full of tired, hungry kids and me trying to get in the festive spirit while trying to combat my ever present fear of flying.

Still feel jealous? I thought not.

Hopefully, they have internet access in Finland and I’ll be able to keep you updated, but if not, expect a whole lot of blogging come Friday, when we get home.

That’ll be while I’m taking a break from wrapping presents, because I still haven’t done that either!


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  1. I was wondering last night if you’d told them yet. I’m giggling at them being disappointed at not going to Disney 😉 I think because we as adults know what to expect and how fab Santa in Lapland will be it’s easier for us to get excited. I’m so jealous! Have a fabulous time! xx

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