We Love Playcorn

I’m not naturally a crafty kind of mum.

It’s not that I’m a neat freak who can’t bear the thought of a mess in the house; it’s more that I’m lazy and hate having to oversee activities. I do make an effort for special occasions; Christmas, Easter, Halloween but my kids are not encouraged to get the craft stuff out whenever they felt like it.

But a couple of weeks ago I was perusing Amazon, and something called ‘Playcorn’ was slipped into my ‘Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought’ feed.  It’d never heard of it before but it looked like brightly coloured packing peanuts to me. It only had 4 reviews but they were all very positive, and although it was advertised as for kids 3 year + I knew even my eldest DDs would enjoy playing with it, even if just while ‘showing the younger ones’ what to do.

Playcorn giraffe

What attracted me was that it was made of corn starch dyed with natural food colours, so was totally safe even if accidentally eaten by one of the dogs. The pieces were big enough that they could be picked up easily ( by kids) and all you need to stick the pieces together is a bit of water. It’s the perfect modelling material; the finished product is light, not too fragile and  eventually biodegradable. And despite being able to be used to paint with, my kids didn’t manage to make too much of a mess with the colours at all; a definite bonus.

playcorn dragon fly

The pack we bought came with some accessories that included a press that makes ‘bricks’ out of the pieces of corn, a  couple of plastic knives to slice the pieces into bits ( quite a satisfying sensation), and an ideas book plus a few other things. It came with 1000 pieces of playcorn and lasted my four children a couple of weeks. I have just reordered some more, as they have now run out of their favourite colours.

Playcorn is great for younger kids learning about colours and how to create 3 dimensional shapes, but creative older children will love the opportunity to have some crafty fun too. It could be really useful for those annoying school projects that crop up now and again.

And if you are a mum like me who doesn’t ‘do’ craft, you will love the fact that playcorn is glue and paint free, the bits are an easy size to clean up and best of all, your kids can do it safely without your supervision.

Unless you get the urge to have a little go too, of course. It is quite a lot of fun.

Playcorn fun






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  1. I’d forgotten all about this stuff! Had some for the girls about 8 years ago, but ds has never seen it. Looks like it’s still available on ELC and Ebay under the name ‘Magic Maize’ if anyone wants some choices of kits, colours etc.

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