We’ve Got Christmas Fever

I should have done everything last week. But like the master procrastinator that I am, I chose to put it off. I figured I had another week before the kids finished school, after all.

A week would be plenty of time to do the annual toy cull and sort out their bedrooms before the Christmas influx.

I should have started doing all the stuff on Monday but I didn’t. I was enjoying having the house to myself  after DD3 had been off with a temperature on Friday, so instead of getting stuck into things I dicked about on the internet. After all I had another 4 days before the kids finished school. What was the hurry?

On Monday, I replied to a friend’s FB post. She had both her boys off sick and they had spent the day at home fighting. She also has a young baby who hasn’t been well, so was feeling a bit fed up. I replied saying that having two kids off sick together was pretty much my worst nightmare. As you can probably tell, I do like to tempt fate.

On Monday nights, DD2 has drama and I usually take the other kids to the local Morrison’s while we wait for her. It’s not the most exciting outing in the world but there are a few cheap bits I like to pick up from there. The kids are usually all pretty good about being dragged around a supermarket these days; the biggest dramas are usually over who is going to scan what at the self-service checkout. But on Monday we had DS crying and whining his way around the aisles and DD1 complaining that her legs hurt. I should have cottoned to the fact that all was not going to be well the following day but I was concentrating on getting them all home to bed.

At 1am on Tuesday morning I woke up to find DD3 and DS sitting on me, having a discussion about whether to go and find DH or wake me up. DH came upstairs at that point and put them both back to bed but when I was giving DS a kiss and cuddle, I do remember thinking he felt a bit warm.

Morning came and when I went in to wake DS, he was sweating and started crying as soon as I turned the light on. My heart sank as I grabbed the thermometer, his temperature was 38.7C so he was going to be staying home.

It was also DD1’s birthday, so when she emerged from her room looking pale and shaky I knew we had a problem. She too was ill and I was going to have to deal with my ‘worst nightmare’ ; two sick children at home together.

To be honest, it wasn’t too bad. DD1 and DS are the least combustible combination of our children and the day passed quite peacefully. DD1 was upset about missing her last birthday at primary school, but we had a little party when the others got home. The sick ones didn’t eat much though and I didn’t have high hopes that they would be back at school the next day. Appetite tends to be a reliable indicator of wellness in my offspring.

DD2 had her school play that evening, so we had to leave the sick ones with the babysitter, but as we walked home after the performance she was moaning about the fact that she was the only one who hadn’t got sick. The girl takes after her mum in more ways than one so, when morning came DD2 was on the sick list as well.

Yesterday I had three kids at home, all missing their school parties. Three was much more trouble than two. For the first half of the day they sat around and coughed and sneezed over each other. They also squabbled and complained they were bored, even though they had the TV, iPads and Nintendos to hand. Things calmed down in the afternoon as their temperature rose. Bad mummy that I am, I held off on the nurofen for a bit for the sake of a bit of peace and quiet. When DD3 got home, she rampaged around and stirred them all up, no one ate any dinner and we had a witching hour like we’ve not had for many years. When DH got home I threw the thermometer and nurofen at him and all but galloped out the door for a break.

I was hoping that this morning I might get at least DD1 and DS to school, but all 3 poorly ones woke hot and feverish again. Even worse, DH lay wrapped in the duvet complaining that he felt cold. That’s right, today I have three children and DH home sick. DH is being very good and trying to be helpful while he works from home, but it’s another person in the house and I was counting on having an empty house this week.

And of course, the obvious question is what about me? Will I get this bug and if so, when? I’ve got my fingers firmly crossed that if I don’t start feeling ill in the next 48 hours, then I manage to dodge it all together. Because being ill over Christmas is a hideous prospect, isn’t it? Although at least the kids would have plenty to keep themselves if I was bedridden on the 25th, and DH should be well enough by then to look after them.

I must remember to be careful what I wish for…

High temperature on thermometer




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