What Do You Get A Ten Year Old For Her Birthday?


DD2 will be ten years old in a little over a week, and we have no idea of what to get her.

We know what kind of  cake she wants.

And she has been very specific about where she wants to go with a few friends.

But ask her about presents and she just says ‘I don’t know, just get me something good!’

I know she’ll be upset if she doesn’t have something  special. After all ten is an important age. But I’m really worried she going to be  sorely disappointed unless we have a brainwave soon, as we can only think of a few little things.

DD likes Minecraft, reading, writing , drawing and knitting.  She’s not very sporty but she does like swimming and riding her bike. She loves music and plays a few different instruments, so I don’t really want to encourage her to take up another one.

She’s not very girly, and likes quite a lot of ‘Boy’ things like lego, video games and ‘boy’s’ books. She’s not really into clothes, jewellery or nail polish/ make up. She likes food, but isn’t interested in cooking.

This is what we have on the list so far

  • a minecraft T shirt. I’m having trouble finding one in age 10-12 though.
  • A pair of swimming goggles. She’s not been allowed to use goggles in swimming lessons until now, but she’s finally moved up into the later classes where they all seem to wear them.
  • A box of sweets/ treats. This is a tradition in our household. The birthday child gets given a sweet box to do what they want to with. DD2 has already been caught telling her siblings she won’t share any with them if they do XYZ.
  • Some books. I have no idea what though. She likes Percy Jackson, Harry Potter,  Northern Lights, Inkspell…that kind of thing.
  • A personalised notebook and pens. Similar to our teacher’s presents this year.

That’s quite a lot isn’t it? But I know she’ll be expecting something bigger as, well. But what?

Please help me?  Has anyone got any ideas?

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6 comments on “What Do You Get A Ten Year Old For Her Birthday?

  1. I don’t suppose it will help much but E’s haul today was a 3DS XL and a game to go with it (she contributed a few months worth of pocket money towards the DS as she especially wanted it), a cuddly Pikachu (which tipped H over the edge with jealousy), and a dressing mirror to sit on the side in her room.

    Would she like a bedroom makeover? New duvet set and curtains. Or an experience rather than a thing? A theatre trip perhaps?

    • They have so many games machines- they all have one of the older DS XLs that they hardly touch and we have heaps of games.
      NO point in a bedroom makeover; my kids just don’t care about such things and ‘one day’ we are going to do a loft conversion and we will redecorate then.
      We were considering a Kindle Fire, but she already has a kindle.
      Might think about a theatre trip though.

  2. It’s hard. I’m struggling with S but I got her a new bag that she can use for secondary school and a shortie PJ onesie from Next that she wanted ages ago but I just happened to be in there yesterday and saw it. I didn’t want to spend loads as she got her phone recently and also we bought a new trampoline!!
    She’s also had new carpet and will get new curtains as well but that has been overdue for ages. On my list was also DMs and a trip to see Matilda but they will have to wait now… I got S a few books last yr and she didn’t really appreciate them as she reads all the time and so not a ‘novelty’.

    • A shortie onesie might be an idea, thank you.
      I was told not to buy a new bag for secondary school for DD1 until she had been there a week or two as the ‘must have’ bag changes every year!

  3. We’re equally stuck, as you know!

    Possible ideas we’ve had are a family trip to the Harry Potter studios over the summer; or giving in to her long-standing wish for a leopard gecko…

    More realistically she’ll end up with a complete mishmash of ‘stuff’!

  4. I would say Just dance 2014 as my daughter takes dance lessons and lives for it also I would say a candy bucket as who doesn’t like sweets to be honest! A build a bear, movie night in set for the family, Now that’s what I call 21st Century and a design a doll

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