What Not To Do When It Snows On Your Vehicle

If you are holidaying in a country where it snows a lot more often than it does in the UK, and you come out of your accommodation one day to find your vehicle looking like this,

snowy van

don’t just take a photo and ignore it.

Remove the snow as soon as you discover your car is covered in the white stuff.  I don’t know about you, but when it snows in the UK, we don’t bother clearing our car. This is because our Previa is so horrific to drive in the snow and ice that we dare not use it until everything has melted.

This is not the case in Norway. All vehicles are fitted with winter tyres which makes them much safer and easier to drive in wintry conditions. So if your car does become covered with a couple of inches of snow, and you don’t remove it manually, then the chances are good that you’ll be out on the road in it with the snow on top.

Obviously, you’ll have to clear the snow away from the windscreen; you wouldn’t be able to see afterwards. But if you are driving a biggish vehicle, say a Ford Transit van, you may not be able to see exactly how much snow has collected on the roof. Let me warn you, it will be a lot.

But unwittingly you will probably set off merrily over the snowy fjordside roads, over the pristine mountain pass and down the hill towards the bridge to Tromso.

In Tromso you may find  yourself driving around haphazardly looking for a parking space with 4 squabbling kids in the back, and in the process you may find yourself  approaching some traffic lights. And if those lights turn red, and you find yourself having to brake, you may hear a ominous scraping from overhead as the entire roof covering of snow slides forward and covers your windscreen completely.

This amount of snow will immediately render your windscreen wipers useless and so you will have to pull blindly to the side to allow the traffic building up behind you to pass. Your next move will be to dispatch your other half onto the roadside to clear the window avalanche, while you sit in the anonymity of the van and continue the important job of indicator monitoring.

The good news is that your children will find the whole episode hilarious and will stop fighting amongst themselves for a full five minutes after you can see again.  Use the time wisely and find a parking space.

Don’t risk looking like a complete idiot in a foreign city centre. Just clear your roof when you clear your windscreen.

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  1. Great to read of your adventures in Norway, Jacq. Spotted these posts just in time for my BritMums travel round-up I’ll be putting together next week.

    My mum has a special brush for getting snow off car roofs – but then she does live in Newcastle and it was snowing there this weekend when I visited!

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