What To Do With A Broken Microscooter?

We were on the school run when the back wheel of DS’s Mini Micro Scooter fell off.

This wasn’t a huge surprise, the wheel had been wobbly for ages.  The scooter was two and a half years old and had been used on the school run twice a day for at least two of those years. It had been dropped, stepped on , fallen over and bashed against walls; no wonder it was broken.

DS is quite tall for his age, and had developed a tendency to fall over his scooter’s handlebars if he lent too far forward, so it was probably time for an upgrade to a big boy’s Micro Scooter anyhow. DD3 had made the switch at a similar height/weight/age. Her mini scooter was still in one piece though, so we gave it away to a  smaller friend and as far as I know, it’s still working.

But what could we do with a broken one? Not only was it missing a wheel, which we had promptly lost, but the footplate was slightly cracked as well.

I put it on our local Freegle but had no takers, so it’s sat out in the sun room for the last couple of months while I summoned up the energy to take it to the tip. I didn’t really want to though; it seemed like such a waste.

Then earlier this week I chanced upon a post about Micro Scooter’s Scooter Aid.

Microscooter are collecting old, unused or broken Micro Scooters, repairing them if necessary and sending them on to  Tumaini Children’s Home in Kenya, a children’s orphanage which is their charity of choice for this year.

The idea behind the scheme is to

  • Provide practical aid to under-privileged, third-world children that aids their physical and mental development
  • Give children back their childhood – the children at the orphanage have very little in the way of toys to play with and most of those they have are broken.
  • Recycle items that might otherwise end up in landfill

This is perfect for our poor, old broken scooter. It may not be in good enough condition to be repaired but perhaps they can use some of the parts, along with another  broken scooter and make a whole one? That’s got to be better than dumping it, surely?

If you too have a Micro Scooter  that you’d like to donate to this worthy cause, this is what you have to do.

– box and/or wrap the scooter (they can only accept their own brand Micro scooters)

– print out a free returns label here and stick it  to your package

– take the scooter down to the post office (there is no cost to you for returning the scooter to them)

– pat yourself on the back for doing a really, truly wonderful thing.

If you have any questions, problems or queries call them on 0333 320 1030 or email them at annaandphilippa@micro-scooters.co.uk

Best of all, if requested  the team at Micro Scooters will contact you to let you know when your scooter arrives at the orphanage!







3 comments on “What To Do With A Broken Microscooter?

  1. Great idea. We had to refurb Tom’s scooter several times (it lost the brake, and the back wheel was like a 50p piece because the bearings went); it was still just about worth it, and is in the loft for Katie now, but it won’t stand up to much more abuse so I’m sure we’ll be sending it to scooter heaven soon enough.

  2. Thank you! Have reposted the link to those friends I know with micro scooters and aged 4/5 about to outgrow. I will certainly donate our’s when it gets too small.

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