What To Do With A Sick Child

He came out of school looking a bit pale yesterday. I just put it down to heat and peeled his inappropriately thick coat off him, and he did seem to perk up on the way home.

But then he didn’t want a snack and fell asleep on the sofa. My heart sunk as I started hunting for the thermometer, but he certainly felt hot. By the time we located our trusty ear thermometer, it read 38.7C. Calpol was administered.

I hate seeing my kids sick. I have enough medical knowledge to be 99% sure that they only have a cold, virus or a tummy bug but still worry the entire time that there is something more serious going on.

Poor DS. He didn’t want dinner and complained his head and tummy hurt. His fever came down a bit and he had some cereal and asked pathetically if he had to go to school tomorrow. I stroked his warm forehead in what I hoped was a loving manner, told him we’d see and put him to bed.

Maybe a Good Night’s Sleep might help? After all I had something booked in for today; something that it was going to be difficult to take a five year old to. I couldn’t reschedule having already done that once. I kept my fingers crossed that he would wake up 100%, skip off happily to school  and leave me to get on with my day.

Of course, the chance of this happening was miniscule. I was dreaming.

At least he had no vomiting or diarrhoea overnight, but he still had a temperature when he woke this morning and you can’t really send a five year old off in that state, can you?

I waved the girls off to walk themselves to school and started wracking my brains for someone to  look after the boy while I saw my client. Typically, no one was available.  I do hate to owe people favours , so I probably didn’t try very hard. In the end I had no choice but to ring the woman concerned and asked if she minded if I bought DS along. He’d just sit quietly in the corner, I assured her.

I also managed to book the dogs in with the dog walker, as dragging a wilting child around the woods is no one’s idea of a good time is it?

It all worked out okay thanks to Minecraft. DS  had a few moments when he just wouldn’t shut up and felt he ‘had’ to tell us about his saplings and show us a ‘funny’ flying torch on the iPad, but my client was very understanding.

The cats weren’t too freaked out by the appearance of a small child  in their living room and no blood was shed as they were wormed, vaccinated and deflead. That counts as a successful day in my books.

But now we are home and DS has flopped on the sofa, with an iPad and the TV to himself.

sofa boy
Today went okay, but we have swimming tonight. Should I let him go on the water if he wants to?

And tomorrow he has Sport’s Day at school. He’s the only one of my kids who actually likes running , even though he is knocked kneed and pigeon toed. Obviously if he still has a fever, he’ll be at home again, but if he doesn’t do I send him to school to compete even though he’ll be below par?

What Would You Do?





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