Where Our Children Want To Go On Holiday

We take our children on lots of amazing holidays. Their passports include stamps from Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Jordan , Namibia and South Africa. We think they are very lucky children, as do our friends. But what do the kids think; do they appreciate these opportunities for exotic travel? The short answer is no, not really.

We do try and involve our children in choosing our holiday destinations and as they have got older, they are definitely more vocal about their preferences. ‘We want to go to a beach’, ‘We want a really big swimming pool with slides and waves’ and ‘We want fun things to do’ are some of their thoughts for 2013.

It’s no wonder that the latest advert for Butlins caught their eye, is it?

The first time they saw it, their jaws were hanging around down their ankles.

‘What country is this wonderful place in?’ they cried. I was forced to admit that Butlins was in the UK and that not every holiday involved  getting out of bed in the small hours in order to catch a plane. We could simply get in our car and drive to our nearest Butlins, we wouldn’t even need to have a last minute panic about passports.

The weather isn’t always good in the UK, I tell them. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to somewhere where the sun will almost certainly shine. They reply that the weather doesn’t matter. Look!  The Splash Waterworld is under cover and there are shows and activities indoors. They tell me they don’t mind a bit of rain and anyhow, what about all those wet weather outfits I’m always bundling them into to walk the dogs. We can pack those, just in case.

But wouldn’t you rather go somewhere different?, I wheedle. Like Marrakech, perhaps? They point out we’ve never been to Butlins either and start watching Butlins videos on YouTube.

As usual we haven’t started looking at family Easter breaks just yet, but the kids are convinced a week at Butlins would provide them with their ideal holiday.  In the name of preemptive  research, I have asking around about Butlins online. To be honest, I expected horror stories left, right and centre. Instead I have had tales of  nice accommodation, friendly staff, plenty to do, happy children and parents who got the opportunity to relax.

Hmm, maybe the kids are onto something, after all? I think I’d actually consider going to Butlins, now we just have to persuade DH.


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