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When I started to blog, almost two years ago, I knew I was going to need some help. I wasn’t a complete luddite but I felt that there was no way I was going to be able to get my head around any of the blogging platforms by myself.

Even trying to choose which platform to go with confused me! I did actually start out with Blogger as it seemed the easiest for a complete beginner but when I finally got some advice, it was to change to WordPress and go self-hosted from the start.

I know this opinion is subjective as some people adore Blogger, and that there are other platforms out there as well, but I do think the advice given to me was sound. WordPress is the most popular blogging system on the Internet as it’s very flexible and once you get a handle on it, it’s easy to use.

But there is a bit of a learning curve so if you are new to WordPress, or even to blogging, then you will find it reassuring to have a helping hand.

My ‘helping hand’ is Mandy from Tame Techy.

Mandy put my original site together and stood by patiently while I fiddled with different themes. She told me what plugins I needed, taught me how to choose a good one and explained to me how to install them. She helped me when my blog got hacked and took measures to prevent it from happening again.  When I read about some complicated issue that could affect my blog, she knows whether I should worry about it or not and what to do about it. She knows how to do all the stuff I don’t, and tells me if what I have in mind is feasible, or even practical. She also hosts my blog and has been tireless in her efforts to make sure this facility is not compromised.

Mandy has agreed to offer one lucky reader of my blog a prize package comprising of the equivalent of two hours of her time (excluding discussion) and a years free hosting.

This means that if you are a complete novice to blogging, this would be enough time for her to set you up a basic WordPress site with your choice of a selection of basic themes. If you have a blog, or use another platform, Mandy could help you move your content to a self hosted WordPress site and if you are a more experienced blogger, already with WordPress, she can help you with another aspect of your blog, such as SEO. The 12 months’ free hosting is offered regardless.

If you’d like to win this package, all you have to do is look at Mandy’s website, and answer the following question:  What does Tame Techy recommend as an alternative to Feedburner?

Post the reply below, and a winner will be drawn randomly on the 9th of October and will be posted on this blog.

If the winner hasn’t contacted me within 48 hours of being announced, a new winner will be drawn.

19 comments on “Win A Blog With Tame Techy

  1. Interesting post, I’ve gone down the blogger path so far, only been going a month, but most of the people I talk to who have successful blogs also seem to have gone with WordPress in the end.

    Oh, the answer to the question is *********

  2. The answer is *********. And I could REALLY do with the help – while I might be the office techy, that means nothing more than switching things off & back on & figuring out how to save stuff on a sulky network server.

  3. I blogged using wordpress but cannot figure out how to put a Linky on my main site so that it is constantly on display. I wonder if it is because Iam using an iPad which prevents me from clicking on the widgets.

    My answer is Feedblitz.

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