Earn interest on your portfolio with this recognized crypto wallet

Earn interest on your portfolio with this recognized crypto wallet

As the crypto market continues to decline, the larger coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Apecoin and NEO continue to experience extreme volatility. The result of this is that high, stable returns can be achieved on your FIAT and crypto balance without this entailing a high risk.

As a result, more and more crypto users are using interest-generating wallets. Wallet owners can earn consistent risk-free passive income no matter which direction the market moves.

To see how these wallets work and can achieve such a huge return, we can look as an example at an increasingly popular wallet, the ArbiSmart wallet.

The EU-recognized ArbiSmart project is an ecosystem with a financial services system and crypto wallets that is currently gaining rapid momentum. Since the start of the project in September, the project’s token called RBIS has increased in price by about 675%. The price of the token continues to rise at an impressive ratio.

147% profit per year

The wallet offers a wide range of options and flexibility. It supports 25 different currencies including coins such as BTC, ETH, SHIB, MANA, and GALA. In addition, it supports the largest FIAT currencies such as EUR, USD and GBP. Capital remains available for withdrawal at all times if it is held in an interest-free wallet. In addition, owners can choose to lock their coins in a savings program for the length of 1 to 3 months, but also 2, 3 or 5 years. The longer the coins are locked into the savings plan, the higher the interest that can be earned.

With an ArbiSmart wallet you can earn interest of up to 147% per year, depending on your account level. Your account level is based on the number of RBIS tokens you own. Account levels go from Beginner to Advanced, Expert and finally Elite. By buying more RBIS tokens you can achieve a higher account status and earn higher interest on your balances in Bitcoin, Euro or any other supported currency. Higher account levels even have the option of compounding interest. This means that you will automatically earn interest on your already earned interest.

Balances in all currencies earn ratios more than a hundred times higher than the interest rates offered by banks. Balances in RBIS earn the most relative to balances in any other FIAT or cryptocurrency.

3 interest types

So how can you start making money?

You can register directly with ArbiSmart and FIAT or deposit cryptocurrency. Then you have to buy a minimum of 1000 RBIS tokens so that you reach an account level of level 1, Beginner. This account status automatically makes it possible to earn interest on your Bitcoin or Euro assets. RBIS can be purchased through a crypto exchange or directly through the RBIS Management tab in the ArbiSmart dashboard on the website.

Then go to the Earn Interest tab to open a savings plan. First, choose a currency and the length of your savings plan. Then choose how you want to receive your daily interest paid. Your first option is to have the interest sent to a separate wallet where the interest can be withdrawn at any time. Another option that offers higher interest rates is to add the daily interest paid in the locked-in savings plan in addition to the capital already locked in. As a result, in addition to your normal interest rates, you also receive interest on interest. Higher ratios are paid out when choosing to have the daily interest paid out in RBIS, even if the original savings plan was started in a different currency. With this option it works that the interest rates that you re-fix are also fixed until your savings plan has expired.

Finally, you can choose the amount for which you want to start the savings plan and you are ready to start receiving interest daily from day 1.

No risk

Now let’s look at how ArbiSmart can offer these sky-high interest rates. The system that makes these sky-high interest rates available uses a risk-free, automated investment strategy called crypto arbitrage.

This investment strategy makes a profit from the short periods in which a crypto token is available on more than 1 exchange for a different price at the same time. These temporary price differences on exchanges have many causes. For example, it can be due to disparities in liquidity, trading volume or the size of the exchange. These temporary price differences come into the market regardless of whether the market is in a bear trend or a bull trend.

The ArbiSmart trading algorithm is connected to nearly 40 different exchanges that the software scans 24/7 for price differences in the available tokens. The automated system can execute hundreds of trades simultaneously, so that multiple price differences can be taken advantage of at the same time. The system buys cryptos at the lowest available price and simultaneously sells at the highest available price, realizing a profit before the price difference resolves itself. This is called arbitration.

A price increase of x37

Because the ArbiSmart wallet generates stable, but predictable profits regardless of the condition of the market, profits can be calculated in advance. The use of interest-generating wallets is becoming more and more popular in the crypto world as the market continues to decline. As a result, usage of the token is increasing as RBIS is needed to earn interest on the ArbiSmart savings plan.

As the demand for the token increases, its availability decreases. RBIS is increasingly being withdrawn from circulation and secured in savings plans. Demand for RBIS is likely to outpace supply in the coming months as more and more new ArbiSmart services will be released, all of which will require use of the RBIS token to make profits.

ArbiSmart plans to launch a number of new functionalities in the last quartile of 2022 and early 2023. These features include a mobile app for purchasing, trading and storing cryptocurrencies; a unique collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT); an NFT marketplace for the secure trading of all types of NFTs; a new innovative DeFi protocol for providing liquidity pools and yield farming to yield farmers and loans to provide these pools with liquidity; unique gamification functionalities; a professional cryptocurrency exchange and a play-to-earn metaverse with RBIS tokens as the in-game currency that gives users the option to buy, develop and sell virtual land to realize profits.

Not only will all of these new features require RBIS tokens, but RBIS owners will also benefit from great conditions such as discounted transactions on the exchange if the fees are paid in RBIS. In addition, all services are interconnected. An ArbiSmart NFT will serve as a digital art investment as well as a way to boost a yield farmer’s APY in a DeFi protocol.

While Bitcoin struggles with the $20,000 level, the RBIS token is continuously rising in value. In the past week, the price of the token has increased by as much as 100%. The more the ArbiSmart ecosystem expands in the coming months, the higher the RBIS price will rise. The increasing demand for RBIS tokens will ensure that the price of the token will be higher than the supply of the token. Analysts are currently predicting that the price of the token will reach 20 times its current value by the end of 2022 and about 37 times its value by the end of Q1 2023. As a result, wallet owners will receive sky-high interest rates. on their savings plans and will also benefit from capital appreciation due to the increasing value of the token.

In the first three days after this article is published, ArbiSmart offers a unique promotion. Anyone who opens a wallet with a savings plan within 72 hours of publishing this article will receive 1000 points for free to boost their account level. As a result, starters immediately receive the status of Beginner Level 1 and this makes it possible to earn interest on your assets immediately without having to purchase RBIS.

To develop these 1000 free points, open your wallet today!