Bitcoin rises, number of wallets grows and price decouples from shares

Bitcoin stijgt, aantal wallets groeit en koers ontkoppelt van aandelen

Bitcoin (BTC) hovered between $20,200 and $20,300 yesterday, outside of a dip to $20,090. Until early this morning then. The price just suddenly made a big jump and briefly touched $20,650. Bitcoin is currently trying to hold on to $20,600 and currently stands at $20,595 on Binance and $21,060 on Bitvavo.

This means that the bitcoin price is up 1.6% today. Trading volume fell 17% in the past 24 hours. Total market capitalization is $395 billion and dominance at 38.5%. The Fear & Greed Index comes in at 30 (Fear).

Bitcoin is holding up better than stocks again

Bitcoin once again holds up remarkably stronger than (tech) stocks. Markets like Nasdaq and S&P 500, with which bitcoin had a very high correlation this year, closed in the red again yesterday. The correlation between bitcoin and these markets has been decreasing in recent weeks, although it may be too early to speak of a real decoupling.

These markets may have been hoping for a reversal in Federal Reserve monetary policy a little too early, but Fed Chair Jerome Powell was still clear hawkish in his speech after FOMC. Still, the market expects the Fed’s next rate hike to be less drastic.

The US jobs report may give us more insight into the state of the US economy and what the Fed is up to later today. Meanwhile, the US dollar index (DXY) is running into resistance. Breaking down DXY may give the maks some space, but vice versa is also possible.

Number of new BTC addresses is increasing

Analyst Ali Martinez reports that the Bitcoin network is growing again because the number of new addresses is in an upward trend. That could be a sign of accumulation, according to the analyst, and that could be good for the price.

Short-term BTC holders may suffer more

However, analyst CoinLupin thinks the bear market has not bottomed yet. According to the analyst, short-term holders, investors who have had their BTC for less than 6 months, have not suffered as much pain as in the past. The analyst therefore expects more pain for these investors to follow first.

Fidelity opens doors to private investors

Finally, huge asset manager Fidelity Investments announces that it plans to offer its bitcoin and ethereum services to retail clients as well. That is very possible bullish are for the long term.

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