these 2 crypto can break out in sideways market

Nieuwe analyses: deze 2 crypto kunnen uitbreken in zijwaartste markt

In an earlier article that came online today, we discussed two different cryptocurrencies that could be of interest in this sideways market. In this article we share two more analyzes from the premium environment that may be of interest in this market. These are Cosmos (ATOM) and Luna Classic (LUNC). If you are not yet a member, try a Premium membership now for 30 days completely free!

Cosmos continues to fall after a short rise

Cosmos follows the plan of Crypto Insiders analysts very well so far. The analysts saw a larger ABC Elliott Wave pattern forming. Now we can see that the inner B wave has come out very low. However, this is not a big deal as the analysts now have enough information to make a prediction about where the C wave will end up.

When this inner C wave is completed, the larger B wave is also completed. From this point, analysts expect a significant drop. To create the larger C wave and complete the ABC pattern, the price will drop approximately towards the 100% to 123.6% fibonacci, or the zone around $8.

However, the analysts cannot yet say whether this will also be the absolute bottom for ATOM. They will share this as soon as possible in the Premium environment of Crypto Insiders. Here, new analysis are shared daily with the members.

The above ATOM analysis was shared with members on November 14, 2022 and may therefore be out of date. In the Premium environment, all analyzes are kept up-to-date.

Luna Classic loses more and more power

Following many requests from members of the Premium community, analysts have also taken a fresh look at the Luna Classic chart. They have come to the conclusion that this crypto is still very bad bearish looks.

LUNC now seems to be working on a larger ABC Elliott Wave pattern, with the price now making the C wave. For this we need an impulsive innerwave 12345 EW cartridge. The analysts warn that this is a very risky area to take a position in and are therefore staying away from LUNC for the time being.

When LUNC hits the green zone, it may become more interesting to trade. An increase could potentially take place from there, although it is still too early to say for sure. When the analysts can say more about this, they will of course share it as soon as possible in the Premium environment.

The above LUNC analysis was shared with members on November 17, 2022 and may therefore be out of date. In the Premium environment, all analyzes are kept up-to-date.

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