Bitcoin analysis: time for a significant increase?  - BLOX

Bitcoin analysis: time for a significant increase? – BLOX

The Bitcoin price has risen a few percent in recent days, but there is still no reason to get very excited. The largest...
 Crypto company Genesis has 'major problems', future is uncertain |  Economy

Crypto company Genesis has ‘major problems’, future is uncertain | ...

The bankruptcy of FTX is causing problems for other companies in the crypto world. This is also the case with crypto service provider...
Hoofdanalist: XRP en QNT koersen schieten omhoog, even opletten

Ripple (XRP) price is rising sharply while crypto market lags behind

Calm has returned somewhat to the crypto market after the FTX crash. In the past 24 hours it was even extra quiet due...

Faltering crypto company Genesis is stirring up the entire sector

November 23, 2022 Today at 18:51 The American Genesis is a big spider in a web of crypto players. Since the downfall of the FTX crypto...
Cardano stablecoin throws in the towel, value drops 82% - BLOX

Cardano stablecoin throws in the towel, value drops 82% – BLOX

Cardano's marketing notwithstanding, it's not all roses and roses. Ardana is pulling the plug on their highly anticipated stablecoin project for the Cardano...
Historisch veel bitcoiners in verlies, data duidt op meer verkoopdruk

Historically many bitcoiners in loss, data indicates more selling pressure

Bitcoin (BTC) briefly dropped to a new annual low around $15,500 early this week. Subsequently, the price recovered quite quickly and then returned...
Dit is er nodig om crypto naar nul te krijgen

This is what it takes to get crypto to zero

Based on the magazine cover indicator will crypto be all right?! Only a fortnight ago Sam Bankman-Fried was in the stratosphere. But the high-speed...
Ethereum, solana en curve hardste stijgers in zijwaartse crypto markt

Ethereum, solana and curve hardest risers in sideways crypto market

After this week's price fluctuation, it has remained relatively quiet on the crypto market in the past 24 hours. Nevertheless, we have a...
Bitcoin bodem nadert: Mt. Gox BTC in beweging, DXY op cruciaal punt

Mt. Gox BTC on the move, DXY on the cusp

Bitcoin (BTC) took a big drop early this week, but then bounced back again. Bitcoin struggled to break through $16,600 yesterday and then...

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